OK – so now it really does come down to this: am I going to believe someone else’s perception of the moment, or am I going to believe mine? Because that is what it truly comes down to at this point.  I understand that perception is reality, and I am certainly not saying that someone else’s perception of a situation is not correct. People are entitled to their own perceptions, and their own opinions.

And it seems at least a little interesting to me that I am so eager to believe that someone else’s perception is correct and mine is not. So my next question has to be why? Why is my perception not to be accorded the same weight as someone else’s? Why can’t I cut myself any slack here?

I think this starts with an old tape I am running in my head. Life isn’t a zero-sum game – we can each have our own perceptions. And if I don’t believe in my own, then who will? I think we can perceive things differently and both be right.

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