New Year

Whoa – I knew it had been a while since I posted, but I hadn’t realized that it has been since August.  I am not going to go into a lot of excuses – it takes too much energy to come up with them, and I am planning on saving my energy for other things.  I will try, however, to be more consistent in the future.

So here we are in another New Year – 2012!   I am not much into resolutions, but I do have some plans for this year.  I guess you might call them intentions or goals.  And I have heard that putting things in writing  can actually help you to follow through on them, so here are a few of them.


I intend to be kind to everyone (including me), in word, deed, and thought.  And for me that last will be the most challenging.  I will work on it, however, and do the absolute best that I can.

I intend to really practice my self-care this year.  And I intend to do it mindfully, not just by rote.  I will examine my self-care routines, and make sure they are still serving me, and that I am not just doing them from habit, or because I think I should.

And speaking of ‘should,’ it is my intention to really cut down on ‘shoulding’ on myself.   I have become very adept at noticing it when I do it; now it is time to stop recognizing it afterward, and just stop doing it.

I intend to become better at recognizing my intuition when it is speaking to me.

I intend to believe in myself and my abilities even more than now (which is more than it was before – baby steps, you know!)


I certainly have more plans than these, many of them in support of these.   These five, however, seem to me to be the main things to concentrate on.

How about you?  Are you concentrating on anything in particular at the start of this fresh New Year?  Are you making resolutions, or are they not for you?  I am interested in your thoughts…..

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