I am waking up

Boy, a week goes by quickly – it is time for a new blog post already!

Due to some personal issues, I have been in a kind of fog for the last couple years. It’s not that I haven’t known what is going on, it’s just that I haven’t really felt like doing a lot about it. There has been some stuff that I have known in my head, but just this past week it seems to be moving down from my head into my heart. It seems a little silly now, but I feel like I am coming to grips with some stuff that I had not come to grips with before. It is a little like I am discovering what I already knew – kind of strange!

I am also realizing that I just do not give myself credit for things I do…including things that I would give others credit for doing. Somehow though, it seems that if I am able to do these things, then they can’t be that much of a big deal to do.  I am going to stop that now. If I can get something done, it doesn’t mean that it was easy or that anyone could do it. I don’t intend to be always congratulating myself, but I do intend to give myself credit where credit is do.

In short, I think I am waking up – it’s a good thing!

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  • Nance

    This is good news, I’m happy for you! I know that feeling of discovering what I already knew. Like I’ve been hiding things from myself. 🙂 Also good to be as good to ourselves (at least!) as we are to others. I tend to forget that too, so I’m with you on that. Thanks!

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