Health insurance – again, or really, STILL

It’s bad enough that my health insurance sucks, but it has apparently changed for the worse. If I look on the insurance company website, it shows I have a whopping $2,250 Individual deductible, and a $4,500 Family deductible. This used to mean that after I hit MY Individual deductible, my claims would be covered without a deductible. When I called the company and spoke to a rep a couple weeks ago, I was told that my deductible had been met, and it looked like the company owed me money (or it owed the doctors, and the doctors owed me money). However, when I called today, a rep told me that the company will not pay anything until the Family deductible is met, and that my Individual deductible means nothing. When I said this is not how it worked in the past, she told me that the company has changed it.

I did question why the website shows an Individual deductible for me, if there really is not one. I still do not understand! If the Individual deductible means nothing, than why is it even on the website. The rep told me it was because it DOES mean something on other plans, but I don’t care about other plans – I care about my plan. These pages on the website are supposedly about what coverage and deductibles I have, not what someone else has.

I do know that I am eligible for Medicare soon, and I can hardly wait! The sooner I can stop dealing with this insane insurance company, the better!

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