Wow! We seem to have become a nation of people who will say anything to anyone, as long as it can done anonymously. Instead of actually talking to someone about what is bothering us, we will put it on social media, bitch and moan about it to anyone who will listen, or anything other than actually talking to the person involved.

I thought I had seen/heard it all, until this morning when I took my walk. Someone had actually spray painted, in black, on someone’s grass: Pick up your dog poop. How hard would it have been to talk to this person at the time the deed was done, or to knock on their door and talk to them? I am certainly not saying that it is okay to not pick up after your dog, but somehow vandalism doesn’t seem like the wise choice here.  But at least the perpetrator didn’t have to actually talk to someone!

This is like people who leave anonymous notes on cars parked in handicapped parking spots. People assume they know something, when they haven’t got a clue. They see a person walking away from a car, and they assume that person doesn’t need the spot. Rather than talk to someone, they leave an anonymous note that the receiver can’t even respond to. There are a million reasons someone may need a handicapped parking spot, but you can’t always tell by looking.

I don’t know if the cause is the political climate, social media, or what, and I would really like to see it stop. If you have something to say to someone, say it in person. I understand that there are situations where this is neither practical nor possible, but in other situations, let’s talk to each other.

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